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Recalls and Results


When arranging tests, your doctor will advise you whether to book a follow-up appointment or ring for your results. If your doctor wishes to speak to you about results, and they haven't already advised you to schedule an appointment, they will send you an SMS or letter, or in some circumstances may phone you.  If you are unsure about your results please phone our team on 8272 8266. If phoning for results, our practice nurse will be able to give you basic information regarding your results. If you would like to discuss your results further, we advise you to schedule an appointment with the requesting GP.

Recalls and Reminders 

Our practice is committed to preventative care and we use a computerised reminder system. Our recall reminders are sent in the form of an SMS. In some instances you may receive your recall reminder as a letter, this may be because you haven't chosen to consent to SMS or if a recall reminder is left without action. We encourage you to consent to SMS reminders and recalls, please speak with our reception team about doing this. If you would like to opt-out of our recall reminder system, please inform your doctor.

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