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About Us

For over 50 years the Hughes Medical Clinic has provided quality health care to local Unley residents and the wider community. Hughes Medical Clinic is a fully accredited GP owned and operated practice.


At Hughes Clinic our doctors are vocationally registered and provide a thorough and personal approach to the patient’s medical needs with a focus on preventative medicine and active health promotion. Our nursing team work in close collaboration, under the guidance of our GPs, to deliver this quality service.

Hughes Clinic is a medium-sized general practice, located 3 km from the centre of Adelaide in the Unley Medical Centre.



The Hughes Medical Clinic strives to provide high quality comprehensive healthcare to all of our patients. We deliver high quality, patient orientated healthcare, with a professional and caring approach without compromise.


Our Values




Integrity at Hughes Medical Clinic means we uphold the highest ethical standards and strive to work honestly and respectfully.


Compassion at Hughes Medical Clinic means treating others with courtesy, understanding and respect. We act with kindness and treat others as we wish to be treated.


We take pride in providing high quality comprehensive healthcare to all of our patients. We take responsibility for our performance and are committed to learning and growing.


We recognise that working as a team improves clinical outcomes for our patients and professional satisfaction for our staff. We are committed to a team environment where every person is a valued team member who is respected, encouraged and recognised.


We believe in fairness, equity and inclusivity both as a practice and employer. We are committed to providing quality and accessible services that are delivered in a way that respects the diverse needs of all our patients. As an employer we understand the importance of diversity and provide equal opportunity to all of our team.

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