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We provide a friendly and safe environment for parents to bring their children to be vaccinated. Routine childhood vaccines are due at the following intervals;

- 2 months of age (can be given from 6 weeks of age)

- 4 months of age

- 6 months of age

- 12 months of age

- 18 months of age

- 4 years of age

We provide the above vaccines as part of the National Immunisation Program Schedule. Vaccines are not able to be administered prior to the age interval outlined by the Immunisation Schedule. Patients must also be registered with Medicare and hold a valid Medicare card to be immunised with the Schedule. If you do not hold a valid Medicare card, please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your options.


All immunisation appointments will be made with the doctor first for their routine check up and then the practice nurse who will administer the vaccination. Please allow up to 40mins for the appointment.

Vaccination records will be uploaded to the Australia Immunisation Register (AIR) and will be accesssible online up to two weeks post-vaccination.

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