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Skin Checks

Regular skin checks are an important part of our preventative health care. We have several general practitioners with an interest in skin and skin surgery. To read more on this service please see below.

Skin treatments

Here at Hughes Medical Clinic we offer skin check appointments and promote the early detection and management of skin cancer. We have several doctors with an interest in skin and skin surgery.


Your doctor will first take a history to determine your skin cancer risk and then perform a full skin check.

The full skin check is a head to toe examination checking for any changes in moles or other skin lesions. It can take between 20-30 minutes and you will be required to undress down to your underwear. A privacy sheet will be provided for your comfort.  Your doctor will examine your skin using a dermatoscope which magnifies and illuminates the skin. Private parts are not routinely examined unless there is a mole there you wished to be checked, please inform your doctor.

Before your appointment:

Please remove any makeup, fake tan or nail polish.  This will allow your doctor to assess your skin clearly.

Skin check outcomes:

If a suspicious skin lesion is found, your doctor may wish to take a biopsy or remove this at a follow-up appointment.  Some skin lesions may be referred to a specialist for removal, depending on their size and location. Others may only require observation over time for any changes.


Please visit the procedures section on our fees page for information.

If you are concerned about a mole or spot please book an appointment with one of our doctors for a skin check. Early detection is the best management of skin cancer. 

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