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Iron Infusions

Intravenous Iron Infusions are an option for people who have iron deficiency or iron anaemia. We are pleased to offer Iron Infusions for patients requiring them. For more information read below.


Iron Infusions can be used for the treatment of patients with iron deficiency and anaemia. Iron infusions are given via an intravenous drip and replenish the iron stores in the body. If you feel that you would benefit from an iron infusion, or wish to discuss it with your GP, phone our reception team on 8272 8266 to schedule an appointment.

The following doctors provide Iron Infusions:

Appointments -

Initial Consult

You will need an initial consult with one of our doctors, this could be your regular GP or one of our doctors who offers Iron Infusions. Your doctor will discuss your symptoms and make their recommendations. Your doctor will also arrange a blood test to check your current iron levels. If appropriate, your doctor will prescribe the iron for you and discuss the benefits and any possible side effects of the procedure.


This will be an extended appointment (1hr-1.5hrs) and will be with the doctor and practice nurse. You will be consented for the procedure and the IV Iron will be administered. The practice nurse will observe you for the duration of your appointment.


Please visit the procedures section on our fees page for information.

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