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Home Medicine Review

Taking medicines can be complicated, especially when you're taking multiple medicines. A Home Medicine Review involves you, your doctor and a specially trained pharmacist working together to help you manage your medicines. To assess your eligibility and the benefits read more below.

Daily Pills

Home Medicine Reviews are available and helpful for people who:

  • take multiple medications

  • have medicines prescribed by different doctors and specialists

  • starting a new medicine

  • change in medicine dose 

  • have recently been in hospital

  • for those who have difficulty taking, or remembering to take, medicines

  • for people who think they may be having side effects from their medication

  • for those who feel confused or worried about their medications

How is a Home Medicine Review helpful?

​Your GP and pharmacist will provide a clinical review on your medications and maximise the effectiveness of your medications as well as targeting the safe use of your medicines. The pharmacist will assess the usage and storage of your medication and provide a personalised medication plan.

  • personalised advice and information

  • reassurance that your medicines are working well for you

  • ensuring safe use of your medicines

  • simplify your medicine routine

  • identify and prevent medicine-related problems

  • confidence in how you take, store and dispose of your medicines

What costs are involved?

There is no cost involved for the Home Medicine Review. The consultations will be bulk billed to Medicare.

Hughes Clinic Consultant Pharmacists

Dr Peter Hayball - HMR Accredited Pharmacist

Ms Loo Yih Tan - HMR Accredited Pharmacist

If you believe you, or someone your know, would benefit from a Home Medicine Review please speak to your GP. Your GP will discuss your concerns, and if required, book a review with our consultant pharmacists or a specialised community pharmacist. 

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